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Flip-flops are bad for your feet?

Flip-flops are a sign of summer when they become the footwear of choice for everyone. You love your open-toed footwear for its comfort and convenience. However, experts warn against wearing them every day. Flip-flops are not the best choice of footwear for everyday wear, although they may be great for a trip to the spa or the beach.

Flip-Flops for everyday wear do not provide enough support

Flip-flops do not provide arch support. Flip-flops are made of a thin material or rubber sole that makes the foot as flat as it can be. This is not ideal for most people. Foot pain, pressure and soreness may occur in the heel and arch.


The footwear also has little or no support for the feet and does not have a heel pad. The sole of the shoe is made from a thin rubber. Flip-flops do not provide shock absorption, as your heel is often less than an inch from the ground. As you walk, your feet are under tremendous pressure.

Dangers in Wearing Flip-Flops For an Extended Period

You risk developing Plantar Fasciitis.

Flip-flops might cause additional, more

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