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The Best Gifts for Health-Conscious People This Year

The art of gift-giving can be tricky. Gift-giving is a tricky business. You want to make sure your loved ones appreciate your gesture but also that the gift they receive will be useful for many years.

It can be difficult to choose the right gift for someone in transition or who has a healthy lifestyle.

You can give gifts to encourage your loved ones, whether they are just starting their journey towards health, have a recently diagnosed disease or have been training for several months.


Alternative Gifts to Health-Conscious Lifestyles
Many gift-giving customs are nothing more than traditions. These long-standing traditions aren’t always the best. If you give someone the same box of chocolates each year, they will eventually tire of it.

It is especially true when your loved one adopts a new way of life. If your loved one recently adopted a vegan diet, leather boots may not be the right choice.

Check out these ideas if you want to give someone in your life a gift that will help them on their journey to self-improvement.

Food Related Gifts
It’s time to look beyond the cookie tin and fruitcake box. Our health is so dependent on what we eat that this is an excellent opportunity to give some healthy, fun foods.

Instead of giving chocolates, pastries or other food gifts, why not try these:

  • Buy a book of vegetarian or vegan recipes and give the ingredients for a few.
  • Gift cards to farmers’ markets or crop shares are great gifts. You can even get memberships for some of these markets.

Cocktail Related Gifts
Some people are on a health journey that includes cutting out alcohol.

Try these alternatives to beverages if this is the situation for your loved one:

  • Give them a kit for making kombucha. Kombucha has a lot of nutrients and is fun to make.
  • Give them a book of virgin cocktail recipes in a how-to format.

Fitness Related Gifts
Gift them something to help them on their fitness journey if you are supporting them.

Here are some great gift ideas for fitness enthusiasts:

  • Pay for a few extra months on an existing gym membership.
  • You can pay for several classes that the person enjoys, such as spin, yoga, boxing or anything else.
  • Give them new fitness equipment at home, such as a FitBit.

You can give thoughtful gifts on your loved one’s journey to self-improvement. You will be able to make your loved ones feel valued and loved by giving them a gift they will love.

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