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Sun exposure and your health

All of us love a sunny day. Ever wondered why? Maybe our bodies are recognizing the health benefits of sunlight. Too much sun can also have negative health effects.

Sunlight is essential for a healthy and happy life. However, there are some guidelines to follow to avoid overexposure.

Benefits of Sunlight
There are many benefits to getting enough sun. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that our bodies get from the sun. Vitamin D helps us perform many processes.


Sunlight improves mental health
The positive effects of sunlight on our mood are one of the biggest benefits. Serotonin is increased by sunlight, which improves mood. Light therapy, which mimics the natural sun, has been shown to help with depression and mood disorders. Light therapy can be particularly effective in treating seasonal depression, which is caused by low sunlight levels during winter.

Sunlight improves sleep
The circadian rhythm is what our bodies use to keep a regular sleeping schedule. The brain produces more melatonin when the sun sets. This is an important step in preparing your body for sleep.

Our circadian rhythms may be out of sync if we do not get enough sunlight. Adequate sunshine increases the body’s natural ability to monitor waking and sleep patterns.

Sunlight maintains healthy bone mass
Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that our bodies can absorb through sunlight. Vitamin D helps to maintain healthy bones. Vitamin D can strengthen your bones with just 15 minutes of sun exposure per day.

Sunlight and its Adverse Effects
The sun is a great source of vitamin D, but it can also pose some health risks. The majority of these risks are preventable.

Eye Injury
You can damage your eyes if you do not take preventative measures like wearing UV-graded shades. The sun can cause damage to the retina and cornea. It may also contribute to cataracts.

Sunburns are painful for most people. Sunburns occur when you expose your skin to the sun for too long without using any protective measures such as sunscreen or layers of clothing. Sunburns range in severity from mild to severe. Sunburns that are severe can result in permanent skin damage, and even illnesses such as sun poisoning.

Skin Cancer
You are more likely to develop skin cancer if you don’t take precautions when in the sun. Sun exposure can cause cancer by altering the cellular makeup of your skin. Wearing sunscreen and wearing protective clothing can help you avoid this risk. Avoid artificial sunlight, like tanning beds that deliver more UV rays.

The benefits of sun exposure are immense for our physical and mental health. To feel your best, it’s essential to get the recommended level of sun exposure. Sun exposure can be harmful, so it is important to take preventative measures when going outside to protect your eyes and skin.

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