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Three ways to increase Serotonin levels

Serotonin, a messenger found in our bodies, helps to control our nervous system chemically. Serotonin is sometimes called the happy hormone because it influences how we feel.

Serotonin is a messenger that carries information between different parts of the brain. It affects functions like our emotions, digestion and appetite. You’ll feel happier and more stable when your serotonin levels in the body are balanced. Low serotonin can cause mood swings, impatience and difficulty sleeping. There are a few easy ways to boost your serotonin.

Maximize Your Sun Time


Spending time in nature can help to improve your mental health and promote meditation. Spending time outdoors, and being exposed to the sun regularly can help reduce depression symptoms.

Sun therapy or vitamin D supplements can be used to compensate for the loss of serotonin that occurs during the colder months.

Be Careful What You Eat and Consume

Even if you drink coffee every morning or at work, it’s best to reduce your caffeine intake. Pay attention to the food you are eating if you notice that your mood is deteriorating.

Serotonin levels can be affected by caffeine and sugary snacks or processed foods. Focus on healthy fats such as avocados and fish, or berries high in vitamin C and fiber.

A healthy diet rich in color will make you smile and keep your serotonin levels at their highest.

Sleep Better and Your Mood Will Improve

Serotonin, in addition to helping with alertness and melatonin production, is also thought to be a precursor. Melatonin, which is produced by the pineal lobe, is responsible for the body’s cycle of sleep and wakefulness. Serotonin deficiency could be the cause of your inability to sleep and a distorted circadian cycle.


You can boost your serotonin in a number of ways, but these three are the easiest to do. Talk to your doctor about supplements or invest in a solar lamp if you are concerned about your serotonin levels, especially during winter.

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