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Elderberry: Its Health Benefits

Elderberry supplements are available in many stores. People have become more interested in natural remedies to boost their immune system since the pandemic. Elderberry is known to boost immune function.

Origins of Elderberry
Since medieval times, elderberry has been widely used. North American Indians used the elderberry to treat a wide range of ailments, such as cuts, colds and burns. The elderberry is derived from the European Elder Tree, which is a deciduous, highly adaptable plant that grows throughout Europe. This made it available to medieval people.

Elderberry has proven to be effective in treating more than 70 diseases caused by weak immune systems.


Elderberry Uses Today
Elderberry has been used as an immune booster to help treat a variety of ailments.

The elderberry has not been extensively studied. However, what we do know today suggests that it can help reduce symptoms of illnesses that affect the immune systems, like a cold or flu.

It has been proven that a syrup containing elderberry (Sambucol By Nature’s Way), taken within 48 hours after the onset of symptoms, can relieve flu-like symptoms and shorten the duration of the illness.

Elderberries contain flavonoids that can boost your vitamin C absorption. This will support the immune system, and may even shorten the duration of viral illness. Elderberry treatments have been studied in recent years, but the results are not conclusive.

Considerations before taking elderberry
Elderberry supplements are very safe and have few side effects. They also rarely cause allergies.

Some populations may need to be cautious before taking elderberry supplements.

  • Children under 12. Children under 12 years old: Elderberry hasn’t been studied or tested in this age range.
  • Pregnant Women. It is best to avoid elderberry because medical professionals are not sure if it affects lactation or pregnancy.
  • It is important to use extreme caution when consuming raw elderberries. Elderberry roots and leaves can be toxic for humans. Also, if you eat too many elderberries in their raw form, they can become toxic.

Research is not conclusive about how and to what degree elderberries can help our immune system. Over-the-counter supplements of elderberries are safe and worth trying. Try taking elderberry supplements before you slather on the cough syrup. Elderberry has been known to reduce the length of viral infections, so it is worth trying!

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