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What is healthier: Cooking with an air fryer or a regular pan?

Air fryers are more popular than ever, even though they have been around for over ten years. What makes air fryers so special? Is air frying healthy, though?

What is an air fryer?

The air fryer is like a hybrid between a convection and deep fryer. The fry basket allows for food to be heated on all sides and suspended. This is perfect for getting foods crispy.


The food, unlike in a convection-oven, is not submerged in hot frying oil, but rather exposed to hot air. Air fryers allow us to create crispy foods that have a deep-fried taste without any oil or very little.

Deep Frying vs. Air Frying Deep Frying Vs. Air Frying

There is a clear winner when we compare air frying with deep frying. Air-frying is superior to deep-frying because of the amount of oil that is used.

Air frying is a healthier alternative to deep-frying. It uses less oil. Less fat equals fewer calories. This means you’re less likely to gain any weight. It’s true. According to the Guidelines for Diet, fats should account for 20-35%. If you eat a lot of fried food, it is easy to gain too much weight and fat.

When cooking oil is heated it can also produce more compounds that cause irritation. These compounds are absorbed into the food. In this instance, less oil retention results in fewer compounds causing inflammation in our foods. It also means that the risk of developing a chronic illness like heart disease is reduced. Eating less oil can also translate to eating fewer saturated fats. This would help reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Air fryers are especially useful for cooking starchy foods such as potatoes. Air frying food takes longer and doesn’t break the starch down as much as deep frying. When starch breaks down more easily, the blood sugar level may be less affected.

Is Using Your Air Fryer Healthier for You?

Air fryers are generally healthier than deep-frying, as they contain fewer calories, and cause less inflammation. This could reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

What you cook in your air fryer is ultimately what matters. You should aim for fruits, vegetables, whole grain, fish with a high fat content, and lean meats.

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