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How to boost your motivation

It can be difficult to get motivated to finish that last task, or to get up after a weekend too short. You still need to meet deadlines. What can you do to stay motivated when things like this happen?

Push the Timer and Set a Timer

Motivation is often most difficult in the initial stages. If you are lacking motivation, use a cognitive behavior therapy strategy to increase motivation and combat procrastination. Set an alarm for 10 minutes. Work as hard as possible and stop when it goes off.


“Forcing function”

The pressure of a real problem and its consequences increases motivation. Without pressure, you have no reason to do your best.

The “forcing function” involves creating a situation that forces you to produce a certain result. You can work faster if you intentionally forget to bring a charger when working on your laptop. Spending a lot of cash on your goal will also make you act, whether it’s buying a training course, launching a new business or paying for a course.

Portion control for your tasks

Many people mistakenly believe that their problems are due to a lack in motivation or self-control. The truth is often much simpler. As an example, consider someone who wants to write a blog. Writing an essay can take between two and twenty hours. It may seem that the only way to finish the task is to do it all in one go.

Divide it up into smaller more manageable activities , which can be finished in less than an hour. You can write 200 words or make an outline. Both are easy, quick and measurable.

The Right Support System

You want to lose 15 lbs, but today you’re not motivated to exercise. It is important to lean on your support network. You need to have the right people as part of your support system. Everyone should have someone they can lean on to get motivated. When you need financial motivation, a friend who is out of debt or has always done well with money will be a great help.

Work with a friend that has been through the same thing to lose those 15 last pounds. They’ll understand your situation better than anyone else.

If you surround yourself by friends who inspire you, and who are not afraid to criticize you, you’ll be more motivated. If your friends have already reached the destination you desire, you will naturally follow them.

Eliminate Any Opposition

You will not feel motivated if your environment is hostile to the goals you have set. If you want to lose weight and your house is filled with unhealthy foods, it can be hard to avoid traps.

Avoid situations, people, habits or activities that could limit you. You will often find that eliminating a few bad habits can make your life better immediately. As soon as the road is cleared, motivation will increase.

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