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Tattoos are safe for your skin?

Tattooing has been a popular and long-lasting form of self expression. Tattoos found on mummified human skin dating back hundreds of years prove that tattooing is a very ancient art. Tattoos are popular for many reasons, even though their cultural meaning can change.

What are the health risks tattoos pose to our skin?

What is a tattoo?
You may already know that a tattoo is an image permanently etched on the skin by using a number of thin, fine needles. These needles inject ink into your top layer of skin to create a permanent tattoo.


Tattoo artists today use electric guns to pierce multiple needles into the skin at once. Tattooing can cause mild pain and swelling, but these symptoms subside within a few hours.

Tattoos and their Potential Risks
There are risks involved when a needle meets an organ, such as your skin.

Allergic Reactions
Before you get tattooed, a good tattoo artist will ask you about allergies. Some people are allergic to the color of the tattoo ink, especially red, green or blue. Some people are unaware of this allergy until after they get a tattoo.

Skin Infections
Think of a tattoo in the same way as you would a scrape. It’s an open surface of skin that is vulnerable to bacteria. A good tattoo artist will give you detailed instructions on how to maintain your tattoo. Failure to follow these instructions can cause skin infections.

Bloodborne Disease
You could share a needle with another customer if you go to a shop where the sterilization is poor. You could be exposed to the blood of another person and any bloodborne illnesses they might have. You can avoid this by ensuring that the tattoo parlor you visit is clean, reputable and has knowledgeable staff.

Tattoos do not have a negative effect on your health. Most people who have tattoos on their body are happy with them. Before committing to a tattoo, it is important to consider the possible risks.

You should not have any problems with your new tattoo if you visit a reputable and clean shop, assess your allergies, and take excellent care of it during the healing process.

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