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What is the 75 Hard Challenge Challenge?

Social media platforms such as Tik Tok have been flooded with viral videos of a health-and-lifestyle regimen called the 75 Hard Challenge. It is neither a diet nor a workout program. This health regime focuses on diet, exercise, mental wellbeing, and more, for 75 straight days (hence, the name).

Steps to the 75 Hard Challenge
The 75 Hard Challenge is easy to follow on paper. This challenge is appealing to people who are busy and want to improve their health.

There are five simple rules that you must follow. There are five rules:


  • Pick a diet, and stick to it. You can choose any diet you want. It could be as simple as not eating sugar for 75 consecutive days or as complex as going vegan. All diets must be alcohol-free. No happy hour!
  • Perform two 45-minute workouts per day. If possible, one of these workouts should be done outdoors.
  • A gallon of water per day. (Get your reusable bottles ready)
  • Each day, read 10 pages from a nonfiction text. It is recommended that you read self-help books aimed at a particular goal or trait.
  • should take a photo every day of your progress.

That’s it! It seems easy on paper. All five rules suggest major lifestyle changes. You must start over if you miss a step.

Is the 75 Hard challenge effective?
The 75 Hard Challenge is a challenge that has received both praise and criticism for its extreme requirements. 75 Hard is a great challenge for people who enjoy structure and setting goals. It can be frustrating to those who are unable to follow a structured routine or want a gradual transition into a healthier life style.

The 75 Hard Challenge has been criticized for its insanely high water requirements. Overhydrating is harmful and a gallon of water can be too much for most people. Divide your body weight by 2 and drink the same amount of water each day.

The 75 Hard Challenge is not for everyone. If you are used to following a rigid diet or exercise regimen, it can be hard to adjust. It can also be discouraging to miss a step, have to start over, and for some people, this may lead them abandoning the program.

Online, there are already a few modifications to the 75 Hard Challenge. They have been aptly renamed the 75 Medium or 75 soft. You might want to modify these five steps based on how comfortable you are.

You are doing well if you make progress in your health. You decide which program to follow.

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